(Bio pic and profile pic courtesy of Michael Westlake Photography. We did a delightful photoshoot on Halloween 2021, where I dressed as a steampunk time-traveling troubadour and let my imagination run wild.)

Anna Joy Tanksley (she/they) is a writer, poet, and lifelong absorber of knowledge. Born in Walnut Creek, CA, they have lived in the Las Vegas Valley most of their life. In 2018, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Concordia University Irvine. Her poetry has appeared in Concordia's Aerie magazine, Z Publishing House's Best Emerging Poets of California, and The Closed Eye Open. They currently reside in Henderson, NV with their family.

Anna Joy began blogging about her journey into Stoicism in 2020 following a traumatic hospitalization and breakup. In addition to Stoicism, they are passionate about autism advocacy and mental health awareness. She seeks to eradicate stereotypes and clarify misconceptions about neurodivergent individuals, especially women and LGBTQIA+ individuals on the spectrum who are frequently underrepresented in autism research.

When not blogging or writing poetry, Anna Joy enjoys reading, cooking, doll collecting, and researching obsessively about any and all topics under the sun for fun.


Anna Joy Tanksley

Anna Joy Tanksley

A lifelong learner and poet, Anna Joy Tanksley writes about the intersection of philosophy, mental health, and spiritual identity.