Announcement: I Have a Patreon Now!

AJ Tanksley
3 min readDec 4, 2023
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Hello dear friends,

For some time now, I have been mulling over different ways I can begin to bring in some extra money as a writer. In this day and age, there are so many ways for writers to make money, it can be overwhelming! For the longest time, I primarily used my Paypal and Ko-Fi accounts as a sort of tip jar for anyone inclined to throw a few bucks my way. As my blog has grown, I’ve wanted to transition to something steadier and more consistent.

After some careful research, I’ve found Patreon to be a great way to establish myself even more as a writer, and to give people the chance to financially support the work I do on a monthly basis — if they wish to. With Patreon, I can also help create a kinder and more closely-knit community space outside of the comments section or social media. I despise using Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, Discord, etc. in general, and don’t find them very conducive ways to creating community. They’ve produced mostly rot and destruction in their wake, and us creators are constantly at war with their punishing algorithms in an outrage-driven attention economy.

As always, anything I post on Medium will stay 100% free. I don’t believe that the lived experiences of autistic people should be hidden behind a paywall, especially because like myself, the majority of autistic individuals are chronically unemployed/underemployed. Some of my long-form writing, poems, short stories, etc., however, will be Patreon-exclusive. I wish to continue expanding my career as a writer and improving my craft even outside of the scope of this blog, and Patreon would be an excellent space to do so.

If you’d like to be part of a growing community of people passionate about neurodivergent advocacy, or if you’d simply like to support me as a writer, come join us over at! If monthly patronage is outside of your wheelhouse right now, but you’d like to send a few bucks my way, I also have a Paypal and Ko-Fi tip jar. Please note that as I am still new to Patreon as a creator, the tiers and rewards I have to offer will be very small for a while. My goal for the next few months is to work out the kinks and establish a stable community on that platform before I start rolling out the big-boy tiers and rewards.

Finally, if you love my work but can’t afford to send money that way, clapping/commenting/subscribing/sharing my articles are always a fantastic way to support my work. To everyone who has, or who’s reached out to me privately via email: I am eternally grateful for your kind words, support, and encouragement.

Memento mori, and welcome to this next stage of my writing journey!

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AJ Tanksley

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